Conference Calleague URI now public!


With Windows Phone 8.1 shifting focus away from integrated and into launching the appropriate app for the appropriate task, I saw it fitting to add deep linking capabilities to the premier conference call dialing app “Conference Calleague”.

Conference Calleague not only identifies your phone #’s, pauses, and passcodes from 15 of the most widely used call providers, it can also intelligently pull your dial-in info from your meeting subject, location, or details.  Also, if the app is not finding your conference call, you have the option to train the app how to find your dial-in info.

That being said, I figured that the many calendar apps out there today might want to take advantage of the existing functionality of “Conference Calleague” by utilizing deep linking.  To add the functionality to your code, you only need to execute this one [sample] line:

await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri(“conference-calleague:DialIn?Subject=My Meeting&Location=555-123-1234 / 123456&Details=This is my awesome cool superbad meeting!”));

As you can see the meeting subject, location, and details were passed to Conference Calleague as intended.  Upon passing in the info, Conference Calleague will run it thru its search engine and initiate dialing of any phone #, pause(s), passcode it sees.  If the user does NOT have the app installed, the Windows Phone OS will prompt the user to purchase it.  Otherwise, it will instantly launch the app and initiate dialing (if a call was found).  Once the user is done with his/her call, they can simply hit the back button to return to the source app.

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